Force and Energy?

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Boris Lagutin

Force and Energy?

Post by Boris Lagutin »

There is a mass. If the mass's acceleration is caused by some force it is clear. But what if the mass's acceleration is caused by NOT A FORCE as it happens in "Ehrenberg-Siday-Aharonov-Bohm effect" (if I understand this effect right)? May it violate the conception of Energy? Here is a link to the article about this effect: ... ohm_effect

Thanks a lot.
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Re: Force and Energy?

Post by joe »

Position, velocity and acceleration of particles are all classical concepts that do not simply correspond to the properties of very small things. An electron does not travel around a nucleus (if it did, it would be accelerating* towards the nucleus (centripetal acceleration) and therefore would radiate EM waves). A photon does not 'travel through' two slits+. And, on the quantum mechanical scale and over short timescales, energy is not precisely conserved, which is demonstrated by quantum tunneling.

I realise that this is only a general rather than a specific answer, but I'm afraid I know only a little about this effect.

* ... otion.html
+ As in ... index.html
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