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Hello from the Physics Students Society

Posted: Mon May 24, 2004 11:24 pm
by dkruss
Just a reminder that first year students are welcome to come to the Physoc room which is just around from the first year teaching office infront of the toilets in room 4.

We have not seen many first years around this year and we would like to make you feel welcome. If you come in, introduce yourself, we won't bite.

There you can meet other physics students especially those in higher years, who can usually answer a question you may have. They are also good for conversation and debate in physics or other topics.

Have a look at our website and also visit our forum page which is part of this forum at

There you will keep up to date with events we are planning like camp, astrotrip, bbq's etc

Thats enough from me. See you around
David Kruss