Double-slit experiment revisited....again....

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joe wrote:I can't open that version, but I have seen a similar experiment and I have seen the stills on that page.
I had the same problem but it worked after right click and "Save Link Target As...."

The electrons have a well defined momentum and so take a very similar time to pass through the apparatus. However, their arrival time at the apparatus is probabilistic.

In the beginning, when there are only few arrivals recorded, they probably show the film at a slow rate, and at the end, when dealing with lots of electrons, they probably show it at a fast rate.

The first 40 sec segment I believe is playing at a slow rate but same rate, at this segment it seems that there are electrons appearing inconsistantly with linear time increment.
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Re: Double-slit experiment revisited....again....

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We've now put a video of an experimental demonstration of Young's experiment with single photons. It's at ... x.html#4.6
The introduction to Young's experiment itself and to the nature of light are at ... index.html
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